The story currently being told by copper and gold….

Thursday, 20th February 2020

The story currently being told by copper and gold….

I’m here, there and everywhere today – reliant on the train network to get me from A to B and then on to C where I stay overnight before spending the morning in D and then finally heading back to A – home….

In this age of connectivity though, it hardly matters where you are – you can plug in, tune out from your surroundings and work….

Today, I share with you some observations from my notebook….

  • Keep your eye on copper….

If you want to know how things are panning out, the price of copper is always worth keeping your eye on….

Copper is sometimes referred to as the metal with a doctorate in economics….

Why? Because it frequently proves a more accurate guide to what is going to happen on the road ahead than all the whizz-kid forecasters with PhDs who are supposedly ‘expert’ at doing that very forecasting job – but who more often than not fall short….

Copper is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. It is relatively inexpensive. It is plentiful. It has numerous useful properties.… Click here to read more

All hail the real heroes who drove the markets to all-time highs….

Thursday, 6th February 2020

All hail the real heroes who drove the markets to all-time highs….

Last week, former European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi was decorated with Germany’s Order of Merit….

This great honor (only 250,000+ people have been decorated this way since 1951!) was awarded to the septuagenarian for his leading role in rescuing the euro from disaster with his monetary policies at the height of the debt crisis back in 2012….

The Order of Merit is billed as the very highest tribute the Federal Republic of Germany can pay to an individual for service to the nation….

But is a tin medal and a bit of half-hearted fanfare in the newspapers really enough?

I believe not. And I’m not just thinking of old Mario Draghi when I say that….

  • Honor them all….

Stock investors with skin in the global markets at any point over the last decade really ought to be having a mass whip-round to pay for solid gold statues to be built and erected in prominent places….

Statues not just of Mario Draghi, but also of the likes of Janet Yellen (former Federal Reserve chief), Mark Carney (outgoing chief at the Bank of England) and all the other central banking whizz-kids who had the ‘courage to act’ and save the world in the aftermath of the last global financial crisis….… Click here to read more

Magic Man or the Master of Disaster?

Thursday, 23rd January 2020

Magic Man or the Master of Disaster?

I must confess that I quite enjoy President Trump – albeit probably for all the wrong reasons….

Perhaps it is the spectacle of a man drunk on a heady mix of self-regard and bombast….

Or perhaps it is because the word preposterous might have been coined specifically to describe him….

President Trump has definite elements of the ridiculous about him. He is almost certainly a lunatic. And he is quite likely dangerous….

But he is also absurd. And that makes him compelling and amusing viewing….

  • At it again….

America’s Commander In Chief was at it again earlier this week….

Speaking at the 50th World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland – almost  in the same moment the American Senate was preparing to embark on his impeachment trial – Trump stood shamelessly before an audience of the great and the good and told them this….

‘America’s thriving, America’s flourishing, and yes America is winning again like never before….’ 

The implication was crystal clear. This position of apparent global dominance has been driven by a  ‘blue collar boom’ brought about by President Trump’s economic policies….

Apparently, the US economy was in a ‘dismal’ state when he took over from Barack Obama in 2017 – a reading of recent history that overlooks the fact that the longest-ever economic expansion in US history (still running) began under his predecessor in office, Barack Obama….… Click here to read more