Are you cut out to make trading pay?

Wednesday, 12th September 2018

Are you cut out to make trading pay?

At root, successful trading is all about adopting profitable angles, executing them and milking the markets for profit….

And traders who are good at the job can make good money – fast. Faster than conventional buy and hold portfolio investors….

But not everybody is good at the job. And there are no winners without corresponding losers. Somebody must lose….

A lot of people get into trading believing it to be a turnkey profit-churning operation that anybody can take advantage of….

But that’s a wrong-headed notion….

  • There would be no burger flippers….

If it were that easy there would be no burger-flippers, no taxi-drivers and no traffic wardens….

Instead, every man-Jack and his dog would be sat at home in front of his computer screen – playing the markets, consistently predicting short-term price fluctuations correctly and banking coin….

The truth is that not everybody has what it takes to make trading pay….

A lot of people are not cut out for it….

They lack the basic foundational skills and characteristics required to make a success of the job….

Are YOU cut out for successful trading? Let’s find out. I reckon you need three key things to make it pay as a trader….… Click here to read more

Saturday night without Sunday morning?

Thursday, 6th September 2018

Saturday night without Sunday morning?

I wonder if everything I think I know is wrong….

Maybe the beanstalk does grow to the sky after all….

Perhaps what goes up doesn’t necessarily have to come back down to Earth as I previously believed….

Could it be that we live in a new world in which the good times really can last forever?

Might it be the case that the excesses of Saturday night need never give way to a Sunday morning hangover?

  • Defying gravity….

I thought stocks had topped-out back in January….

I thought that one of the longest-running bull markets stocks had ever known had peaked early in the New Year….

The subsequent drop-off in prices seemed to signal a change in direction, in sentiment and in momentum….

From there, I thought the long-term trend would be one of falling stock prices – across the board. I thought the bear had finally got the run on the old bull….

But I was wrong. There was still some life in the old bull yet. There was still lead in the pencil….

In the US, the S&P 500 hit another record-breaking high at the end of last month….

The FTSE and other leading European bourses didn’t manage to pull off the same trick, but the US market is the primary barometer….… Click here to read more

What they don’t print on Weetabix boxes….

Thursday, 30th August 2018

What they don’t print on Weetabix boxes….

If you want to build wealth, the Warren Buffett blueprint is one way to do it….

You save a fair proportion of your income, invest wisely in a portfolio of solid companies at value prices and hold your investments long term….

As those companies develop and increase profitability, the value of their respective stock will rise….

The value of your portfolio will grow too. One day, you will wake up a wealthy man….

That’s the theory. It worked in practice for Buffett. It has also worked – to varying degrees – for other long-term investors….

If you’ve got 50-, 40- or maybe just 30-years ahead of you, following Buffett’s formula can pay big dividends….

If you fancy having a go, make a note in your 2058 diary to let us know how you got on….

  • An appealing proposition….

Of course, life is not ABC. It seldom runs like precision clockwork….

If you don’t have decades ahead of you, and assuming you still want to make a sizeable pile, you need to find a way of making big market returns quicker….

And that’s what makes trading the markets – stocks, currencies and commodities – an appealing proposition to many would-be fortune builders….… Click here to read more