Bitcoin – back on the boil….

Tuesday, 21st May 2019

Bitcoin – back on the boil….

If Bitcoin were a horse, it looked like one headed for the knackers-yard throughout 2018….

A stellar 2017 had seen the number one crypto ‘go vertical’ and climb in value from less than $1000 to more than $20,000 at its intra-day peak….

Then the bells rang-in 2018 and across the next 12-months 80% of those gains evaporated….

Plenty of fingers got burnt to a crisp. Some fortunes had already been made, but many others had been swiftly lost….

  • Missing in action – the bandwagon jockeys….

Lost too were all the foam-at-the-mouth pundits, the celebrity cheerleaders, the freshly minted crypto ‘experts’ and many who had been daring to think of themselves as the new super-rich….

One minute they were shouting and bawling like inebriated monkeys from the back of the bandwagon as it careered along – powered by the rich and heady fuel of hype and speculation….

The next minute they were gone….

As Bitcoin’s fortunes dipped and then went into freefall, this band of crypto zealots slunk off quietly into the shadows….

It was as though the messiah they had been advocating at the top of their lungs had been exposed as a semi-retired plumber from Pontefract….… Click here to read more

Why money-managers and brokers are rarely contrarian….

Tuesday, 7th May 2019

Why money-managers and brokers are rarely contrarian….

As a private investor with money to put into the market, there are basically two choices on how to proceed….

One, you can trust to your own powers of analysis, do your own due diligence, come to your own conclusions and allocate your own capital into the vehicles, instruments or stocks you determine to be appropriate for your needs….

Or two, you can trust to the ‘experts’ – professional brokers, analysts and money-managers who get paid to put your money to work for you….

There’s a whole multi-billion-pound international industry built on the idea – and constantly promoting the argument – that trusting to the ‘experts’ is the way to go….

After all, the ‘experts’ have the skills, the knowledge, the experience, the know-how, the savvy, the contacts, the inside-information, the data, the tools, the resources and the technical proficiency to get the job done more effectively – with measurably better outcomes – than poor old individuals like you and I could ever hope to achieve under our own steam….

At least that’s what ‘they’ say….

…. the self-same professional brokers, analysts and money-managers who rely on the commissions paid by private investors like you and I to put bread on the table and petrol in the Ferrari….… Click here to read more

The FTSE index I want to see….

Wednesday, 24th April 2019

The FTSE Index I want to see….

How is the UK economy doing right now?

It’s a good question….

And for most people I know, the two-second version of the answer lies in the performance of the stock market – with the emphasis on one specific index….

‘The FTSE 100 is up 11%+ since Christmas, Dave. If the UK were doing any better, I’d be sending out for champagne and cigars….’

  • So simple….

Perhaps it really is as simple as that….

Perhaps the closing figure of the FTSE 100 really does contain all the information we need to gauge the current health and outlook of the UK economy….

The headline writers would like you to think so….

The FTSE 100 is the UK media’s go-to Index – the barometer of choice….

Its movements are tracked and reported daily by most newspapers and mainstream news programmes on TV….

As a result of that rigid and unrelenting focus, the FTSE 100 is the market reference point most of us are familiar with….

For most people, I suspect the FTSE 100 is the stock market. The entire market….

For most people, when the FTSE 100 is up, the UK is going well….… Click here to read more