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Dear Friend,

It’s always a good idea to put some cash to one side for a rainy day – and sometimes you get rewarded for doing so in ways you don’t expect….

A couple of years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to simply collect £2 coins. Every time I got a £2 coin in my pocket change, I’d put it in a big jar in the cupboard.

My thinking was that it would soon add up to a tidy sum. If I kept at it, I might even get enough together to treat the family to a surprise holiday….

So, I stuck with it. Every time I got a £2 coin, into the jar it would go. And it didn’t take long before that jar was full and I got started on a second….

I just kept on collecting. And then one day, when I got back from the office, my teenage son greeted me with a cryptic statement….

‘Dad, you’ve got an Irish Commonwealth Games….’

I couldn’t understand what he was talking about. I had to ask him to explain….

He told me he’d been reading an article in a newspaper that explained some £2 coins are worth a lot more than others – a lot more than face value.

This had captured his interest and he’d decided to inspect my hoard of £2 coins. Turns out I’d hit pay dirt….

Back in 2002 to commemorate the Commonwealth Games, the Royal Mint had produced a series of four £2 coins. Each had a special design on the back – one English, one Welsh, one Scottish and another Irish.

And in my hoard, I’d got one of those £2 coins. The one with the Irish design. It’s the rarest £2 coin in common circulation. The Royal Mint only produced 485,500 of them.

That might sound like a lot. But in terms of coinage, 485,500 is a miniscule figure. It makes the Irish-design Commonwealth Games £2 coin a real rarity – and it is much sought-after amongst coin collectors….

The Irish-design Commonwealth Games £2 coin has sold for £50 on E-bay. Really good examples change hands for more in private sales….

And I’d just scooped one of these valuable £2 coins – worth many more times than face value – in my rainy-day fund. All because my son knew exactly what to look for and recognised it when he came across it….

Today, I want to give you a free report that will give you that useful and potentially lucrative knowledge….

Not all £2 coins are made equal….

The fact is that quite a few £2 coins are more valuable than others.

You might say that some £2 coins are special and the Irish-design Commonwealth Games £2 coin isn’t the only special £2 coin. Not by a long chalk….

I’m not talking about coins that haven’t been in circulation for years….

I’m talking about coins you could be given every day in your change at the pub, the newsagent or from the coffee-vending-machine at work, at the gym or in the motorway service station….

Some £2 coins are much rarer than others. Collectors and dealers will already pay much more than face value for these rarities.

And the Royal Mint are not producing any more of these highly-sought-after coins. Those in circulation will only get more valuable as time goes by….

Find out which £2 coins you DO NOT want to spend….

In just a few moments I’m going to give you free and immediate access to a Special Research Report that my editors have put together.

This report delivers information that will surprise you and which could add an instant ‘bonus’ to your wealth levels.

Our report reveals why some of the loose change you have in your pocket or lying around the house might be worth 100%, 250% or maybe 1000% more than its face value.

It’s got nothing to do with the metal the coins are made of.

It doesn’t require any complex manoeuvres in the currency exchange markets.

It’s not a magic trick. And it involves no sleight of hand.

Our report simply reveals a few honest and truthful facts that 90% of people are totally and utterly unaware of.

And those simple facts will enable you to immediately recognise specific coins worth a great deal more than you will get in return for spending them.

You might not have any of these specific coins in your possession right now. But you might do the next time someone gives you change for a note.

The information in our Special Report has no sell-by date. It doesn’t expire. Once you have our Special Report in your hands, you will have all the information you need to recognise and identify these special coins at any time in the future – be it tomorrow, next week, next year or even 10 years from now.

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Our Special Research Report is completely free of charge.

There are no fees whatsoever. There are no strings. There are no obligations. You don’t have to provide bank account or card details. You don’t need to verify your identity.

Our Special Research Report is given freely. It is yours to keep, consult and do as you please with. You can get hold of it in just a few moments….

First, if you’ll permit me, I’d like to give you just a little bit of background information….

No ordinary publisher….

My name is Dave Gibson and I’ve spent the last 25 years building and operating successful information publishing businesses.

But I’m no ordinary publisher. I don’t publish works of fiction, newspapers or glossy magazines.

I publish newsletters and reports based on ideas, information and insights you won’t see in the mainstream press or in publications you can buy at the news stand.

Our newsletters and reports are designed to help the people who read them – on a strictly practical level.

Our publications seek not just to inform – but to educate and to deliver information and advice that help our readers make big improvements and get better results in key areas of their lives.

We publish information and advice on a whole range of different subjects. Health. Nutrition. Finance. Sports-betting.

One central idea runs through all our individual titles. We seek to report the truth as we see it – with no half-measures. We seek to say it as we see it – honestly and without prejudice.

Advertisers wield way too much influence in the mainstream press….

Unlike mainstream newspapers and magazines my publications are not reliant on income from advertisers.

Unlike mainstream newspapers and magazines I don’t have to make the information I publish ‘fit in’ with the sensibilities or world-view of people and businesses who might pay to advertise with me.

My publications don’t carry advertisements. And they never will. For good reason too. Call me old-fashioned but I still believe in a faded and unfashionable idea called editorial integrity.

My editors and my research teams are tasked to go out, dig deep and report truthfully on exactly what it is they find – unfettered by concerns about which advertiser might take offence at any of our conclusions.

We are focused entirely on delivering the information and advice our readers need – not on the various requirements of advertisers or the threat of them withdrawing their promotional spend.

It is my sincere belief that advertisers have way too much influence on what is reported in the mainstream media – and how it is reported….

I am particularly concerned with the extensive influence big players in the financial industry have on financial news and the way it is reported.

Banks, brokers, fund-managers and financial-service companies are awash with cash. They have huge advertising budgets. And they use those budgets to wield influence over mainstream publications, editors and the journalists who write for them.

Think about it. The big-spenders have options. They can apportion their advertising spend any way they like. Mainstream publications need their share of it. Their very survival depends on it. They need to make a case…. stake a claim…. curry favour….

I guess that’s the way things work. Money talks. Money buys.

But what does it say? And what does it buy exactly?

Faced with a situation where to report the cold hard facts might put an advertiser’s nose out of joint and deprive a publication of much-needed advertising revenue, is that publication going to stick to its editorial guns or is it going to play ball, soften the edges of the story or maybe spike it completely?

I’ve been in the publishing business for a long time. I know a lot of people. I’ve seen a lot of things. I hear a lot of things. A lot of information crosses my desk….

And I can tell you for sure, advertising money talks loud and buys big. Loud enough and big enough to influence what is reported and how.

The truth is that advertising spend doesn’t just buy colourful display ads on page 22 of the Business Section. It also buys a degree of consideration. It buys a little extra leg room. It buys a little acquiescence here and there.

And that really concerns me. Because now, more than ever, the man-on-the-street really needs to know what is going on.

I’m not sure that the mainstream financial media is providing what is required.

Give me some truth….

We live in challenging economic times that require us to make important and informed decisions – decisions that affect our finances, our lives and those of our loved ones.

If the information we are working from is less than factual, less than truthful, where does that leave our decisions?

We need facts. We need truth.

Not ‘facts’ that are seasonally-adjusted, massaged or distorted to protect vested interests.

And not some version of the ‘truth’ peddled by a smooth-talking PR man looking after the position or reputation of some big corporate industry player.

That’s why I’ve decided to grasp the nettle and publish a weekly e-letter called Money Truths.

More than that. I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m not just going to publish it. I’m going to write it. Personally.

I can’t wait any longer. I’ve probably waited too long as it is for somebody else to step forward and offer a truly independent take on what’s happening in the world of money and what it means to the man on the street.

And I can’t justify delaying any further in order to devote time looking around for someone suitable to produce what I have in mind.

Truth is, I don’t even know if there’s anybody out there who could fulfil the brief.

Most financial journalists I know spend most of their time writing to one another – hoping to impress the editor of this magazine or the feature columnist of that. The reader is the last person on their mind when they sit down to write.

In my experience financial journalists are a bit like Oxford University Dons. They float about in some cloistered environment that isn’t part of the real world. They exist in some abstract place of big ideas, mind-numbing jargon and faux-certainty.

Down here in the concrete world where we live, few people even barely understand what they are talking about, why, what it actually means to us or what we should be doing about it.

Writing and publishing Money Truths is my contribution to maybe putting that right – or at least redressing the balance a little…. in my own unique way.

I’m not your average financial journalist. To be totally truthful I doubt any mainstream financial publication would ever consider employing me.

Not because I can’t do the job. But because I say it as I see it. I tell it as I find it. No quibbling, no skirting around the edges and no softening of the blows.

That’s a no-no in the world of mainstream newspapers and magazines – it might frighten the advertisers. But straight and true – speaking plainly and honestly – is the way we do things at Money Truths.

Money Truths – policing the financial beat….

I don’t consider it my role to tell you what to do with your money. I think there are more than enough people out there doing that already – some more qualified than others.

I will never advise you to buy a specific stock or a particular bond, for example.

Nor will I recommend you get in on some ‘red-hot’ business opportunity doing the rounds on the Interweb.

Business doesn’t work that way. At least not in my experience – and I’ve been running successful information publishing businesses for the last 25 years.

Real business opportunities have to be carved out and then built brick-by-brick from the ground up. It’s the old blood, sweat and tears model. Businesses don’t come ready-made like bicycles – waiting for any Tom, Dick or Harry to hop on, start peddling and get rich.

My view is that those kinds of ready-made ‘opportunities’ – the ones marketed like products to all and sundry – are little more than opportunities to waste valuable time and lose money.

There is no lazy-man’s-way-to wealth. There is no reliable get-rich-quick route. And I won’t insult your intelligence by pretending that there is.

Here at Money Truths our role is simply to police the financial beat….

Where I can I will seek to help you understand exactly what is going on in the world of money – a world that affects you and your family in the deepest and most personal of ways.

I make a point of closely monitoring events – here in the UK and internationally – because I recognise that we live in challenging times and that to be informed and fore-warned is to be prepared and fore-armed.

I see a few dark clouds on the horizon right now and my experience tells me that it might be a good time to start thinking about buying an umbrella or at least retreating to cover.

It is not my way to sensationalise these things or to make a big deal out of them. I’m not saying the sky is going to fall in – at least not any time soon. But maybe I can see to it that you don’t get wet when those storm clouds are gathered overhead.

But I don’t only see challenges on the road ahead. I see opportunity too – and plenty of it.

And I’d like to share my knowledge, my experience, our research and my contacts, to best-position you to take advantage and to make the savviest financial moves that conditions call for and circumstances allow.

And whilst I won’t be telling you what to do with your money – I think you are the best judge of that – I will, when and where I can, seek to put some money in your back pocket.

I’d like to introduce you to some interesting ideas for increasing wealth and making profits via methods, channels and opportunities you’ve probably never previously considered or even thought about.

Profit from our research….

To show you exactly what I mean, I’d like to set the ball rolling today by showing you how you might increase your wealth a little simply by looking a bit differently at some of the money you already possess….

I’d like to invite you to review our Special Research Report – The Hidden Wealth in your Pocket Change….

I’d like to show you why some of the coinage you have in your back pocket or lying around the house might be worth more than you think…. a lot more….

Not many people know it but not all pound coins are made equal….

Some 50p pieces are worth a hell of a lot more than others….

There are 20p coins and 10p pieces that you simply wouldn’t hand over in exchange for your daily newspaper if you knew what they were truly worth….

Like many other people you might think of your 5p, 2p and 1p coins as shrapnel – worthless small change that exists only to destroy pocket linings and fill up empty tins. But in some instances you’d be wrong. You might be sitting on something of real value…..

I urge you to discover how much the loose change in your pocket is really worth by checking out our Special Research Report right now and without any further delay….

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Our Special Research Report delivers something of real and lasting value. If not today then further down the line.

The beauty of the information we reveal inside our Report is that it has no sell-by date. It will serve you well today, tomorrow, next week, next year – even 10 years ahead.

I can guarantee you one thing: getting a handful of change is never going to be the same experience again.

Once you’ve read our short report every handful of change you ever receive is going to feel like a lucky dip.

You don’t know what you’re going to get. And the chances are that, sooner or later, you’re going to get something worth much more than face value.

People use and spend coins every day that are worth far more than face value – for various reasons. These coins are in circulation right now. They are sitting in the pockets and tills of people who do not know their true value.

Our report gives you that edge in knowledge. You will never spend one of these specific coins again. And you will be equipped to recognise them – and their hidden value – as and when you come across them.

Checking your change in the light of this information is good fun and potentially very profitable – believe me. All I can do is wish you happy hunting – happy change checking.

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Look out for me every Tuesday morning….

In the meantime I’ll be in your inbox every Tuesday morning with your weekly issue of Money Truths.

I’ll be doing my very best to make sense of on-going events in the world of money….

My team and I will be working hard to alert you to the important financial challenges ahead…. challenges that will affect us all…. challenges you might not even be aware of right now….

We’ll be doing all we can to help you positon yourself to best-effect. Challenge doesn’t have to mean problem. Sometimes just knowing what is really going on enables us to prosper or protect ourselves ahead of time.

It’s the same story with opportunity. The smartest moves to make…. the most beneficial actions to take…. the profit potentials open to us…. only become apparent when we recognize and acknowledge what is really happening in the world around us.

At Money Truths we see that as our role – helping you see, understand and take advantage of what is really happening in the world of money in the UK and overseas.

It promises to be a fascinating journey. I very much look forward to sharing it with you in the months and years ahead.

All the best,


Dave Gibson

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