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Why I want to be out of the market and in cash….

Wednesday 31st May 2017

Why I want to be out of the market and in cash….

I wouldn’t want to be stepping into the stock market today.

Of course, you can’t generalize. That would be a mistake. Individual stocks can go up or go down regardless of what the rest of the market is doing….

But taken in the round, my view is that the largest proportion of profits to be made in British and American stocks, during the current cycle, have already been banked.

Since 2009 stock markets on both sides of the Atlantic have been on a ceaseless upwards trajectory. This morning the FTSE 100, the FTSE 250, the Dow Industrial Average, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ all sit at or close-to all-time-highs.

There may be a little more climbing to be done yet. But nothing like the scale of the ascent since 2009. It is late in the day to be joining an expedition into the stock markets.

And those investors sitting on the pinnacle and waiting for more remind me of those climbers who spend too long at the summit of a large and dangerous mountain.

Stupefied by the elevation and the outlook, they sit for too long.… Click here to read more

The power and frailty of belief….

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

The power and frailty of belief….

Read a newspaper and it’s clear there’s plenty of uncertainty and instability at work in the world.

Look at America. When President Trump isn’t under investigation for his links to the Russians, he’s sacking the head of the FBI, banging out tweets or circulating ‘alternative facts….’

Right now, bookmakers have Trump at even money to be impeached during his first term. In other words, he’s as likely to be drummed out of the White House as he is to reach the next election still in power.

That’s an unusual state of affairs that creates uncertainty….

  • Bombs, war, turmoil, dispute….

Authoritarian regimes in Russia, China, Turkey and North Korea are all doing their bit to destabilize the world….

One is flying military jets into the airspace of other sovereign nations. Another is land-grabbing in the South China Sea. One insists on building nuclear warheads – come what may. Another has become a dictatorship….

Bloody wars persist in Syria, Yemen and South Sudan. Terror is a constant threat – just look at this morning’s headlines….

It’s impossible to know how Brexit negotiations will pan out or what it will mean. It could be nasty.… Click here to read more

The latest on a war that is already lost….

Tuesday 16th May 2017

The latest on a war that is already lost….

Cash is on its way out….

Planners and the pointy-heads are constructing a future driven entirely by electronic payments. Paper money will cease to exist.

Cheerleaders for the cashless agenda say the eradication of cash is about fighting crime and terror.

They say physical cash makes organized crime and global terrorism possible. And that without that physical cash, criminals and terrorists will wither and disappear….

Some folk might swallow that line when they read it in a Daily Mail editorial. But, for me, it’s a fairytale that patently fails the giggle test….

  • What it’s about really….

The removal of cash from society is about the extension of government power and control over private money. Your private money.

The implementation of a cashless economy is a direct attack on your freedom and financial privacy.

The real agenda is to create an environment where no financial transaction flies below the official radar.

Every unit you earn, every unit you spend, what you spend it on, and where you spend it – will be an inescapable matter of record that will be logged, monitored and stored by bureaucrats and unelected officials.… Click here to read more