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It won’t be pretty….

Wednesday 27th March 2018

It won’t be pretty….

Fun and games in the stock market over the last few days….

At Money Truths we make a point of keeping an eye on the American indices – and for good reason….

When the wind blows across the Atlantic, it eventually rattles the doors over here. And to be forewarned is to be forearmed….

  • A re-test of investor nerves….

The S&P 500 tested investor nerves on Friday – plunging 2.5% to a 6-week low….

The Dow Jones Industrial Average also lost ground – more than 700 points-worth….

The falling values were attributed to what amounts to naked fear….

Investors were exiting stocks in favor of government bonds – a direct response to concerns that President Donald Trump is intent (via tariffs on steel and aluminum imports) on inciting a potentially dangerous and certainly damaging trade war with China and anybody else who fancies a tear-up….

At closing bell on Friday evening, money managers were gloomy and subdued….

But they needn’t have been. Friday’s emergency was swiftly recast as just another opportunity – the latest in a long line – for the market to profit….

Buying the dip has worked its magic again.… Click here to read more

Waving or drowning?

Thursday, 22nd March 2018

Waving or drowning?

Sunday 17th December 2017 was the day things turned sour for Bitcoin….

For the 5-weeks beforehand, the cryptocurrency had been flying – rising from $5,857.32 all the way up to a high-close of $19,086.64….

It was a remarkable ascent. Folk could recall nothing quite like it….

Heading into Christmas, it seemed that obtaining life-changing wealth was no more complicated than buying as much Bitcoin as you could afford and letting the natural order of things take care of the rest….

It was all so easy. All so clear. Nothing could be more obvious. The future was bright. The future was Bitcoin….

Then came Black Sunday and little has gone right for Bitcoin since….

Almost 3-months into the New Year, Bitcoin continues to trade beneath the $9,000 ceiling….

And each day that dawns seems to deliver more negativity that adds more fuel to what has become a mass Bitcoin sell-off….

  • A sting in the tail….

Just prior to Christmas – at the point Bitcoin was soaring to the heavens – tax was the last thing on the mind of crypto-investors….

And that was particularly the case with young investors – many of whom might never have invested before and might not even have considered the tax implications to what they were doing….… Click here to read more

I should be so lucky….

Wednesday, 14th March 2018

I should be so lucky….

The time to buy Bitcoin was back in 2012 when it was selling for $10 per unit….

Those guys who bought then – the smart operators – got in right at the very bottom….

Bitcoin eventually rose to a high-water mark of $20,000 in December 2017….

Not everybody would have been smart enough to get out right at the top. Calling the top of any market is notoriously difficult….

But plenty of those $10 investors would have been smart enough to get out at some point on the way up that steep curve – and bank a life-changing fortune in the process….

Many of those smart guys live in big houses now. They probably drive Aston Martins too. Money is no object. Most will never need to work again or want for anything….

I’m not jealous, of course. Those guys are real smart. They’ve proved that, and they deserve their rewards. Full credit to them….

I just wish I’d been so smart….

  • A meritocracy that rewards ‘smart’….

That’s how we generally see these things isn’t it?

We see those people who do well financially as the smart guys….

Those guys are cleverer than the rest.… Click here to read more