Not half as clever as we think….

Wednesday, 20th June 2018

Not half as clever as we think….

The latest research serves to support a suspicion I have held close to my chest for some considerable time….

The world is getting dumber with each year that passes….

Norwegian researchers recently analyzed the IQ scores of Norwegian men born between 1962 and 1991….

What they found is that the IQ figure has been steadily declining in the men born since 1975….

  • Across the board….

And before you start thinking that decreasing levels of intellectual ability is a malady that only affects Norwegian men, let me put you straight….

Similar studies in Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France and Holland produced the same results….

IQ scores are on a downward trend across the board – for men and for women….

In short, we are not as smart as we might like to think. Nor are we as smart as we once were….

If the younger generations want to smarten back up, the Norwegian researchers suggest that improved education, better nutrition, more reading of books and less time spent online will help do the trick….

But try telling that to your academically stressed-out teenager as he heads off to McDonalds with his eyes glued to the screen of his mobile phone….… Click here to read more

A brief glimpse into an uncertain future….

Wednesday 13th June 2018

A glimpse into an uncertain future….

Cryptocurrencies lost billions in value earlier this week after hackers stole 10% of a South Korean Exchange’s digital currency….

Bitcoin fell back below the $7000 barrier – a long, long way below the heady days of $20,000+ just a few short months ago….

Emerging markets might be in trouble. The Brazilian real, the Turkish lira and the Chinese yuan are all well down against the dollar….

Some investors are worried that these declines are a signal of broader market risks – as similar declines proved to be in the second-half of 2015….

British manufacturing just suffered its worst month since October 2012. Output is down 1.4%….

That won’t help produce the improved GDP figures expected and required by the Bank of England….

  • A flood of news….

The news comes, and then it goes. Day on day. Relentless. Never-ending….

Stories seem important as they break. They create an initial splash of interest. But it rarely lasts….

As with any fast-flowing river, what is in front of you one moment is swiftly swept down the channel, out of sight and remembrance the next….

To be immediately replaced by more of the same.… Click here to read more