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The laws of the universe remain in force….

Tuesday, 29th October 2019

The laws of the universe remain in force….

Poor old Neil Woodford….

He flew so high. His star burned so bright. He was a master of the universe….

He had it all – in spades – and then some….

The big name, the sterling reputation, the rave reviews, the Midas touch….

The massive earnings, the splendid houses, the flashy motors, the horses and the stables….

  • Simply the best….

But all that was back then – back in the days when Woodford was a wunderkind with his finger on the pulse of the markets….


…. Back in the days when Woodford could do no wrong – when Woodford’s stellar record as a stock-picking broker at Invesco was still up-front, in-your-face and fresh in the mind….

…. Back in the days when he was still building the legend that saw him turn every £10,000 invested in the fund which he managed into a princely £255,000 over two-and-a-half decades….

The shaven-headed operator – who preferred wearing jumpers and jeans to the usual city-boy attire (so cool!) – made ordinary investors rich. No other fund manager could live with him.

He was the financial world equivalent of a galactico.… Click here to read more

Funny money….

Tuesday, 15th October 2019

Funny money….

‘It’s a difficult question to answer but once you add all of my assets up, I’m worth about £1,000,000.’So says Luke Blackburn, aged 23, of East Riding in Yorkshire….

On the face of it, he’s done very well for a lad who dropped out of college with just four GCSEs to his name….

Especially when you consider that he started out building his personal fortune with a small loan of just £1000….

It’s an incredible transition. A cynic might refer to it as unbelievable….

  • It hasn’t gone to his head….

Last week Blackburn was talking to the Daily Mail about his journey to success and financial independence….

The reporter got the impression – from Blackburn – that money doesn’t mean anything to him….

‘I’m a working-class guy from Hull…. I’m a pretty down to earth person….,’ he tells Chantalle Edmunds. Nevertheless, we are treated to many photographs of this down-to-earth hotshot enjoying the many luxurious trappings of his stellar success….

He poses next to an Audi whilst counting a wad of cash…. He poses in a swing-chair wearing a Gucci T-shirt….

We see a huge wad of cash on a granite-topped table….… Click here to read more

The saving game is not what it was….

Tuesday, 1st October 2019

The saving game is not what it was….

The concept of saving is as old as the hills….

The Bible talks about it – telling us that the wise store up choice food and olive oil, while fools gulp theirs down….

The Danes and the Germans have a proverb that says money saved is as good as money gained….

The Spanish have one that says he who saves has, he who has gets….

Warren Buffett – a man many regard as the final word on how to grow wealth and keep it – says this….

‘Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving….’

  • A springboard to greater wealth….

I once had a friend who maintained that only a moron would die in credit….

He reckoned it was much smarter to leave behind a pile of unpaid debts than provide a surplus of cash for somebody else to work through and enjoy….

I can see where he was coming from – theoretically at least. But life is lived in practice rather than in theory….

And I think it is almost universally acknowledged that, in practice, life is a great deal more comfortable when lived on a soft cushion of credit rather than under a welter burden of debt….… Click here to read more