Observations from the sidelines of financial Armageddon….

Thursday, 19th March 2020

Observations from the sidelines of financial Armageddon….

Okay, we all know the score….

Even folk who don’t ordinarily follow the markets know exactly what’s been happening in the markets – a surefire indicator of unfolding chaos, havoc and carnage….

Just a few short weeks ago stocks were flying at record highs. But the market has had a drastic and swift rethink….

COVID-19 has stimulated a global sell-off of unprecedented proportions….

  • Financial Armageddon….

The crash we were expecting here at MT finally materialized. Not quite how we thought. But that’s how Black Swan events work….

Nobody sees or hears the Black Swan event coming. That’s what makes it so devastating. It comes out of clear blue skies with destructive force, lightning speed and the utmost stealth….

Stocks aren’t worth anywhere near what they were a few weeks ago. Nor are the companies that underpin those stocks. Stockholders are not as wealthy as they had previously believed….

About half-a-trillion pounds has so far been wiped off the value of FTSE 100 companies….

Global losses run into trillions. It’s been the financial version of Armageddon for funds and private investors with money in the markets….

  • An instructive period….

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COVID-19 – how things looks to one man in a mask….

Thursday, 5th March 2020

COVID-19 – how things looks to one man in a mask….

Don’t worry, you won’t catch anything. I am typing this issue in a face mask that meets all the strictest first-world manufacturing regulations….

But do please forgive any spelling mistakes – because I am also typing in the dark….

My panic-buy stockpiles of food, water and hand gel are blocking out the light from the single small window in my cellar, where I intend to self-quarantine and sit out the Coronavirus crisis – however long it lasts….

You can’t be too careful….

  • Bad year for Buffett….

Legendary stock-picker Warren Buffett has probably felt like reaching for the bug-out bag and going underground to hide out….

His investment group Berkshire Hathaway is worth $560 billion. Buffett took over the company back in 1965 and it has outperformed the market ever since….

Buffett’s consistently excellent performance across the decades has earned him stellar plaudits and lofty status in the investment community….

Deservedly so. If you’d put $10,000 in Berkshire Hathaway back in 1965, your stake would not be worth a whopping £215 million. The man knows what he is doing….

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