The saving game is not what it was….

Tuesday, 1st October 2019

The saving game is not what it was….

The concept of saving is as old as the hills….

The Bible talks about it – telling us that the wise store up choice food and olive oil, while fools gulp theirs down….

The Danes and the Germans have a proverb that says money saved is as good as money gained….

The Spanish have one that says he who saves has, he who has gets….

Warren Buffett – a man many regard as the final word on how to grow wealth and keep it – says this….

‘Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving….’

  • A springboard to greater wealth….

I once had a friend who maintained that only a moron would die in credit….

He reckoned it was much smarter to leave behind a pile of unpaid debts than provide a surplus of cash for somebody else to work through and enjoy….

I can see where he was coming from – theoretically at least. But life is lived in practice rather than in theory….

And I think it is almost universally acknowledged that, in practice, life is a great deal more comfortable when lived on a soft cushion of credit rather than under a welter burden of debt….… Click here to read more

Not the sports results – but not so very different….

Monday 16th September 2019

Not the sports results – but not so very different….

The pound is bouncing around day-to-day – reacting to each new twist and turn in every developing news story….

Brexit (or lack of it); Donald Trump’s on-off trade war with China; renewed tensions in the Middle East – all these issues and many more have an effect on the present value and future outlook of pound sterling….

Every official pronouncement, every fresh unfounded rumor and every new element of media speculation adds yet another variable to the simmering pot – leading to another revised market calculation of what the pound is worth against other currencies….

Who knows what the pound might be worth tomorrow morning?

All I can tell you is that this morning the pound was down 15% against the dollar, 13.7% against the euro and 12% against the Japanese yen since the eve of the European Union membership referendum in June 2016….

To put at least one of those figures into its proper context – the pound recently hit a 34-year low against the dollar….

  • A writing down of values….

Back in the day when I was a young fool (as opposed to an older one) they had a short segment towards the end of News at Ten when Sandy Gall or Alastair Burnett would report what the pound was worth against the dollar….… Click here to read more

Certainty should always be challenged….

Tuesday, 3rd September 2019

Certainty should always be challenged….

Some folk get their fix of excitement and entertainment from sport….

Others play Tour of Duty or Assassin’s Creed….

Others still prefer the titillation served up on TV shows like Love Island or Naked Attraction….

Here at MT we get our kicks (and laughs)  from the regular flow of mishaps and mayhem served up by the world of money….

  • Winning investment advice for a new century….

We probably don’t have to go all the way back to the beginning of the 21st century to find a starting point for this week’s dose of truth….

But what the hell….

I was reminded about this scenario over the weekend and it is fresh in my noggin. So, here goes….

Back in August 2000 – with a brand-new untapped century stretching out in front of it – Fortune magazine attempted to hit the ground running by providing its readership with what it no doubt hoped would be some winning investment advice….

The piece was entitled 10 stocks to last the decade….

The idea was that if readers bought these stocks and held them over the next 10-years then they would surely do well….… Click here to read more