A dose of reality in the face of new records….

Tuesday 7th March 2017

A dose of reality in the face of new records….

It is one milestone after another for the US stock-market. The early months of the Trump era will be recalled as a golden time for financial headline writers.

No sooner had the Dow punched through 20,000 for the first time, but another pinnacle was conquered last Wednesday – the index shooting up straight and true through 21,000.

The rise represented the joint-fastest transit through 1000 points in the entire history of the Index. It took just 24 trading days. This bull market – the second-longest since 1928 – has a firecracker attached to its backside.

And there’s no shortage of hot-air in the tanks to keep the big balloon inflated as it floats ever closer to the moon. Much of this helium has been generated by President Trump….

It was his election to office late last year that drove a stock-market rally and pushed major indexes to a string of new record highs….

And it was his comments last week in his first address to Congress that produced sufficient lift for the Dow to crash through the 21,000 mark….

  • Long on syrupy nonsense – short on detail….
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There is no robot conspiracy….

Tuesday 21st February 2017

There is no robot conspiracy….

The robots are coming – coming for your job; coming to take your livelihood; coming to render you obsolete in the workplace along with millions of others….

That’s the message – delivered by politicians, pundits and luminaries as distinct as Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates….

I know you’ve seen the message. I know you read the newspapers, watch TV and use the Internet. I know you’ve repeatedly come across the stark warnings.

The robots will replace you. Intelligent machines can not only do what you do – they can do it quicker, better, cheaper, more accurately and tirelessly.

And intelligent machines are being bolted together in big numbers – ready to permanently replace you as the hired hand….

  • Robots – model employees….

Robots don’t take sick days. Or holidays. They don’t require pension contributions. Their attention isn’t focused exclusively on the next pay rise.

They don’t need a car-parking space. Or wheelchair access. They don’t even require you to hang a coat peg.

They don’t make a fuss about health and safety. If a robot gets damaged, it gets repaired or replaced. There’s no lawyer offering the robot a ‘no-win-no-fee’ deal to chase the employer for compensation….… Click here to read more

Brace yourself! This might hurt….

Tuesday 14th February 2017

Brace yourself! This might hurt….

It is St. Valentine’s Day. We associate this day with roses and chocolates. Also with Al Capone’s massacre of gangland rivals in Chicago in 1929….

What will it be today? A candle-lit dinner for two? Or bullets and tears at bedtime?

In the world of money –  our beat – it will depend on this morning’s updates from the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Producer Price Index (PPI)….

Both are key official measures of inflation….

The CPI measures changes in the prices of consumer goods and services bought by households….

The PPI measures the average changes in prices received by domestic producers for their output….

Both measures are expected to show that prices are rising – fast.

Rising prices are something we warned about back in September & October. Then, rising inflation was a specter on the horizon. Now, it is a fact of life.

Ahead of today’s announcements, British households were being primed for a sustained squeeze on finances….

  • The only way is up….

This prediction from Saturday’s Telegraph:

‘Inflation jumps in January as vegetable shortages set to push up prices further….’

We reckon they’re onto a winner with this one….… Click here to read more