It’s funny how things work….

Tuesday 6th September 2016

In this issue of Money Truths….

  • Financial weather-checking….
  • Highs and lows….
  • The specter of inflation?
  • It’s funny how things work….

Financial weather-checking….

In life the biggest part of your energies are best focused on things you can actually control and make a difference to….

You will get more done if you commit to mowing the lawn than you will agonizing about world peace or worrying about how to cleanse the world’s oceans.

The state of the economy is something I can’t change or control. Maybe I shouldn’t spend so much time thinking about it.

But I think of the economy in much the same way as I think about the weather.

I have no influence on what the weather does. My input has no bearing on whether it rains or shines. But I take a keen interest in what is happening nevertheless….

I always like to take a look out of the window before I leave the house, for example,  – just to establish whether or not it would be wise to carry an umbrella….

Highs and lows….

Out in the world of stocks the FTSE 100 and the FTSE 250 both sit within shouting distance of their respective 10-year highs.… Click here to read more

How to win big on the Lottery….

Tuesday 30th August 2016

In this issue of Money Truths….

  • Something gentle – to ease us back in….
  • ‘I’m going to throw this trowel up the site….’
  • Something strange happened on 23rd March….
  • My rules for winning big….

Something gentle – to ease us back in….

A slight change of pace and direction this morning. Nothing too heavy – something to ease us back into the cold embrace of normality after a Bank Holiday weekend….

Like me, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the extra day off. You’ve probably enjoyed some time with the family. Soaked up a little sun. Relaxed with a glass or two of wine….

This morning, like me, you might even have given some thought to the mandatory 4-day working week – and how the political leader who fixes his wagon to that particular horse is a shoo-in vote-winner for whichever party he might represent….

My point is that first day back at the grindstone few of us will be in the mood for unravelling the knotty problem of negative interest rates and their various consequences – intended or otherwise….

As we settle back down to our daily toil – or however it is we each spend an average Tuesday morning – the finer points of fiscal policy and what might or should be done right now with the public finances are not where our fuzzy thoughts are directed….… Click here to read more

Ignore the experts….

Monday 22nd August 2016

In this issue of Money Truths….

  • The forgotten man….
  • Tired of experts….
  • What they said….
  • Out of the woods?
  • Delaying the inevitable….

The forgotten man….

Does anybody remember Michael Gove?

Not so very long ago he wasn’t so very far away from becoming Prime Minister.

Alongside Boris Johnson he’d been a lead campaigner on the Leave side of the Brexit debate. The public had warmed to him during the televised debates. His stock had risen.

When the Leave side won the referendum, Gove had nominated Johnson in the race to succeed the outgoing David Cameron.

And then, at the death, ambition got the better of Gove. He knifed Johnson in the back on the eve of the latter’s candidacy announcement and then stood for office himself.

It was a miscalculation. His party and the public saw the mask slip. Underneath it, he looked like a monster. Gove had committed political suicide and was beaten out of sight in the Tory leadership contest.

Just a few weeks on and Gove could appear on Babestation gyrating around a greased pole and nobody would recognize him. Such is the fickle, and the brutal, nature of politics. Today’s great white hope is tomorrow’s forgotten man.… Click here to read more